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Top-Quality Cranes for Industrial and Commercial Projects

You Can Rely on Our Cranes to Meet All Your Needs

You can rely on us for quality rentals of 40-, 65-, or 120-ton cranes for all your industrial and commercial projects. Rentals are available with or without the operator.

These cranes are great for moving houses, communication buildings (prefabricated buildings), or large towers. They have a very high reach and can carry more weight. Our team can help you start the process of constructing a building or tower. We can also set up barges and dredgers into the rivers. Contact Hannibal Crane Service for more information.

Quality Crane and Equipment Rentals Since 1972

Hannibal Crane Service is family owned and operated. We have been in the crane business since 1972. If you need a project completed with a crane, call us, and we will most likely do it for you.

These cranes are available for rent by the hour, week, or month. You can depend on us for competitive prices on all our rentals. Call us today more details, prices, and with any questions you may have.

40-Ton Crane


90’ Main Boom and
54’ Jib

70-Ton Crane


115’ Main Boom and
61’ Jib

120-Ton Crane


167’ Main Boom and
112’ Hyd. Offset Jib

225-Ton Crane


210’ Main Boom and
112’ Hyd. Offset Jib

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